A New Website for APIs.json

It was time for an overhaul of the APIs.json website. We wanted to align it with a makeover coming for API Commons, as well as with APIs.io. It has been about four years since we overhauled the website, and it used a template that had been associated for years with API Evangelist. With this overhaul it now is something that is more extensible and configurable, using a simple Bootstrap and Jekyll theme for the layout.

While it is unlikely that the website for APIs.json will be forked, we are actively encouraging the network, search, and developer sites for APIs.io to be forked and reused, and since the heart of these API discover nodes use APIs.json it make sense that they utilize a similar template. Bootstrap provides a simple, but extensible approach to the UI, and the simple black and white layout lends itself well the image and brand we are building around APs.io, APIs.json, and API Commons.

With this latest reboot of APIs.io, APIs.json, and API Commons it is likely we’ll do a rebranding of things shortly down the road, but this will mean just some images, icons, and maybe adding a little color. The choice to use Bootstrap + Jekyll will allow us to build for the reboot now, as well as the rebranding down the road, while keeping the websites simple, extensible, and running 100% on Github, encouraging reuse and forkability of all the projects and the supporting building blocks.

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